What are people saying about SiriusDecisions e-learning? January 11 2016

SiriusPathways hit the market in May 2015. Since then, we've launched a few new Pathways, and even updated some of our existing Pathways.

Here's what people are saying about our learning courses...



$50B Global Advanced Manufacturing Organization

Problem: Lack of common nomenclature across marketing function, huge skills gaps based on re-structuring and lack of role clarity

Solution: B2B Foundations, Messaging & Campaign Planning

Output: Common nomenclature, standard campaign definition, process and measurement

What They Said: 

"I asked my 100 field marketing managers to define what a campaign is, they came back with 96 different responses. Post SiriusDecisions Learning roll-out, we now have standardized on ONE definition of a campaign which has increased our focus and productivity exponentially.” – SVP Global Marketing

"Imagine picking up a kaleidoscope for the first time and looking through it, everything is fuzzy. That was my understanding of a campaign. Post SD's learning courses, it was like twisting the kaleidoscope and for the first time everything became abundantly clear.  I now know exactly what a best-in-class campaign is.” – Marketing Manager

$20B Global SW and HW Organization

Problem: Challenge trying to bring marketers to be "modern and go digital," no common nomenclature

Solution: Began with one pilot for a five week off and online learning and webinar combo including Messaging & Campaign Planning, Marketing Measurement, Digital Marketing, and Inbound Marketing

Output: Role clarity, process definition and "modern and digital marketing transformation"

What They Said:

"The depth of information in the self-paced learning module was significant.” – Regional Marketing Director

"I like that it really made me think to answer the questions.  I found that it actually made me learn.” –Marketing Manager

$50B Global Teleco HW and SW Provider

Problem: Lack of clarity around marketing's contribution to pipe and revenue, lack of common nomenclature and consistent measurement across functions and regions

Solution: B2B Foundations, Messaging & Campaign, Digital Marketing, Channel Partner and Product Marketing

Output: Pilot led to global roll-out and clear understanding of the role digital can play, common nomenclature and standardized on the SD campaign framework

What They Said:

"We now have common nomenclature across all of field marketing and have hit our marketing-sourced revenue goals every quarter since global roll-out.” – SVP Field Marketing

$2B Global HW and SW Testing Equipment Manufacturer

Problem: Had a global re-org and built a demand center for consistent global campaigns but weren't sure how to standardize on roles or process

Solution: B2B Foundations, Solution Marketing, Messaging & Campaign Planning

Output: Role clarity and common nomenclature across marketing organization

What They Said:

"I wish we had this years ago" - Marketing Manager

"I felt like this is exactly what I needed laid out in front of me.” – Director of Marketing