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Are you SiriusDecisions Certified?

Posted by Christina Leitzel on
Are you SiriusDecisions Certified?

Passing your SiriusDecisions Learning course with a score of 90 or greater means that you are SiriusDecisions certified for a full year from the date of certification.

What does being SiriusDecisions certified mean?

SiriusDecisions is the lead global b-to-b research and advisory firm. Being SD certified isn’t just a feather in your cap; it signals excellence in your field and provides you with actionable intelligence.

What should I do now that I’m certified?

Download your certificate from the SiriusDecisions portal.

Your certificate will be available for downloading on the Learning page of the SiriusDecisions Client Portal (Resources > Learning if you have our Advisory services as well) underneath the course title once your course is marked complete across our systems; this can take up to one hour from the time of course completion. Your certification is valid for one year and is available to download for as long as your access period. If you no longer have access to the SD portal and did not have a chance to download your certificate, please email to be sent a copy.

Add your certification to your LinkedIn profile.

Let your LinkedIn network know that you’re certified by SiriusDecisions. To add your certification to your LinkedIn profile, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to your profile page and click “add new profile section.”
  2. Select the "Accomplishments" dropdown menu, then select "Certifications."
  3. Enter the name of the course you passed and select SiriusDecisions as the Certification Authority.
  4. Leave the license number and certification URL blank and fill in the dates that appear on your certificate.

Tell your network about your achievement.

You can use these pre-written status updates or you can write your own! Make sure to tag SiriusDecisions when you post your update.

I’m now on the SiriusPathway™ to success in b-to-b marketing. I’m certified by @SiriusDecisions. Are you?

 Skills gaps? Not anymore. I’m certified by @SiriusDecisions.

I saw it, I read it, I applied it. I’m @SiriusDecisions certified in (fill in your course title).


Let us know how you’re applying the skills you gained to your role and your organization. Don’t be a stranger! Reach out to SiriusDecisions Learning along your journey and let us know how the certification has helped you in your job role. Be mindful of how you apply the concepts and frameworks to your work and keep a portfolio over the next year. You can the use this proof of application to become re-certified after your initial certification expires. For more information about re-certification, email us at

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