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A Pathway to Certification: Time Management Tips for Completion of SiriusPathways™

Posted by SiriusDecisions Learning Team on

SiriusPathways™ are robust e-learning courses with a large amount of content. On top of that, in order to become SiriusDecisions Certified, you have to pass the course with a score of 90 or greater. Each competency ends with an assessment and that assessment asks you to apply the concepts to a business case. These assessments are challenging!

As such, it's no surprise that people often ask us how long it takes to complete a SiriusPathway™. The trouble is, there is no easy answer to this question. With that in mind, here are some of our favorite time management tips that can help you find the time in your busy schedule to complete a SiriusPathway™.

    • Set your pace. SiriusPathways™ will take somewhere between 4-8 hours to complete. We know that everyone learns at a different pace and that pace is set by your schedule, your ability to comprehend new information, and your experience level in the subject area. That's why we don't reply with a firm number of hours for course completion.
    • Map your time. SiriusPathways™ are made up of Competencies, and within each competency there are modules. Within those modules there are activities. The courses are not designed to be taken in one siting, so make sure to review how many competencies are in your SiriusPathway™ and how many modules make up each of the competencies. Typically, it will take an average user 30 minutes to complete one module - but that, again, is an estimate that will vary person to person.
    • Decide how you learn best. Modules are broken into See It, Read It, Apply It activities. See Its are a series of videos with graphics and audio, Read Its are our SiriusDecisions briefs that explain the concepts in detail, and Apply Its offer you templates and frameworks that encourage you to take what you've just learned and apply the concepts to your role or organization. You do not need to take these activities in order - you can try applying it first, and then go back and Read It and See It. Or you can Read It, then See It, then Apply It. 
    • Block off the time you'll need. Your calendar is probably hectic. Look for open time slots throughout the week. It can be 20-30 minutes a day, an hour a week, whatever you can squeeze in. Google Calendar even offers a way to make time for your goals; check it out!
    • Leave time to process and review. This is new information for many of you. Make sure to leave time for yourself to return to the material for review after you've finished the course. We even suggest printing all of the documents and taking screenshots of the videos so that you can use them for note-taking and return to them after you no longer have access to the course.

With this kind of preparation, you're bound to succeed and be added to the growing number of b-to-b marketers who are #SDcertified. 

For more information on how to complete a SiriusPathway™ and become certified, watch our deep dive video that walks you through the steps to achieve certification. 

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