Using SiriusDecisions Learning Solutions November 22 2016

We're often asked how clients use our learning. Every organization is different and every leader has a different vision. But they all have a common goal; to grow their team and their organization. Here are some of our favorite examples of how to use SiriusDecisions Learning effectively.

Target the Skills Gaps

Some clients come to us knowing exactly what skills their teams need to work on. Others know that their team needs to learn and be certified, but are not sure where to start. When leaders need to understand what courses would work best for their gaps, we have their teams take our individual skills assessment. After completing a skills assessment, each individual will be able to see which courses align to their needs and view a demo of those courses. The teams can then meet to discuss where their skills gaps were overlapping and create a team curriculum based on the results.


Pair SiriusDecisions Learning with Advisory Services for an Integrated Solution

No leader is an island; if you are a leader who is already using SiriusDecisions Advisory services, how will your team be able to implement and take action on the frameworks and best practices you're using? Learning allows your teams to make that intelligence actionable while leaders work with SiriusDecisions analysts to plan initiatives. Using a fully integrated SiriusDecisions solution puts you on the fast track to successful growth.


Gamify Your Learning Initiative

Gamification is a hot topic in e-learning right now. But it doesn't have to be complicated, and with us, it doesn't require you to purchase any fancy software solution. All you need to do is work with SiriusDecisions Learning to develop a curriculum that aligns to your business goals. Once we have that curriculum set, your leadership will decide on what the team prize will be. Prizes and bonuses incentivize your team to complete the learning and apply the learning. You'll break your learners into teams of 3 or more (depending on the number of total users) and then it's off to the races! We'll schedule leader reports to you and you can watch the progress happen. Some clients make their gamification initiative two fold: one prize for being the team that completes the curriculum first, another prize for being the team that best proves application of the learning. 


Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

If you're a leader with a large number of business goals within your marketing organization, you may have several directors or lower level managers who have teams in need of upskilling. Our learning tokens provide a great deal of flexibility in this arena. You can buy a large number of learning tokens and then transfer them in smaller numbers to each manager. That manager can then transfer them to each of their team members, creating a sub-curriculum that they are able to monitor. 


Strategic Rollout

We always encourage our clients to choose courses based on skills gaps or business goals for the year. If you want to take a more flexible approach to your program, you can buy a large number of tokens to start and then roll them out strategically aligned with your year's business goals. For example, leaders can choose three courses to offer each quarter, allow a week for sign up, then kickoff the first cohort with a internal schedule of deadlines to ensure completion at the end of the quarter. When the quarter is complete, each class cohort meets on a webinar to discuss the course content and ask questions. At the beginning of the next quarter, a new round of classes is offered. 

New and Updated SiriusPathways™ Available in 2016! December 28 2015

Need to upskill your b-to-b marketing team for the new year? On-boarding new staff in 2016? Maybe you need to retain, engage, enable, or motivate your people to get a jumpstart on the new year. Well, you're in luck! SiriusDecisions Learning will have new high impact e-learning courses available for your b-to-b education needs in 2016.

On January 4, 2016, we will launch two new SiriusPathways™: Content Strategy and Account-Based Marketing. 

Our highly anticipated Content Strategy Pathway will help your team organize your content plan in a way that aligns with buyer needs and personas, and help you execute a measurable, effective content plan that is scalable and sustainable. 

The Account-Based Marketing Pathway is a brand new SiriusPathway version of our previous e-learning course on the topic. This Pathway will teach your team to deliver campaigns that support the buyer's journey and sales needs, while also helping them to execute campaigns using a logical, comprehensive framework for message and plan development.

In addition to these two new Pathways, we'll be launching updated courseware for Pipeline Acceleration, Marketing Automation, and Lead Nurturing. What's new in these Pathways?


Pipeline Acceleration

  • Updated supplemental resources
  • Enhanced "Apply It" activities that will enable organizations to pinpoint the best offers and deployment options for marketing and sales to consider
  • Templates to help guide an opportunity on a positive trajectory and reignite those that have stalled
  • Tactics to identify deals that are in the final stages of buying and how to present an offer to accelerate them
  • Guides to help assess your pipeline acceleration initiatives, focusing measurement efforts on utilization, response and results

Marketing Automation

  • Updated e-learning videos with a more robust, user-friendly design
  • Updated supplemental content and "Apply It" activities
  • Content on three key competencies: preparing for marketing automation, evaluating marketing automation providers and determining how to unlock your organization's marketing automation platform's value
  • Templates and worksheets that will enable your team to identify project teams and tasks, complete RFPs, complete a vendor selection analysis, identify your organization's maturity level and needs - and much more

Lead Nurturing

  • Enhanced content focused on the four main nurture types, the newly developed Nurture Treatment Framework, as well as the appropriate metrics required to track and adjust a nurture over time to drive performance improvements
  • Supplemental research resources
  • Brand new "Apply It" templates and worksheets, including three different worksheets for each nurture type that will help your organization identify relevant offers, map the various types of nurture flows and determine where different roles should be involved throughout the nurture