Digital Marketing Certification for B-to-B Marketing Courses October 15 2015

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is about our digital marketing course, and its standards for certification. 

Digital Marketing is a very hot topic area for skills development, particularly in the b-to-b skills and training area. Our approach to this topic is three fold: first, we teach about digital strategy and digital planning, including digital personas and tactic mix. This content is covered in our Digital Marketing Pathway. We then get into digital tactics for inbound marketing, and all the various avenues to manage - SEO, SEM, social, and PPC - in our Inbound Marketing Pathway. This Pathway allows for a much more in-depth look at these complex topics, and the ways in which they are unique for b-to-b marketing. Then, we recommend that you bring all these digital concepts together into the fundamental core concepts of b-to-b marketing in the Foundations Pathway

Together, these three courses comprise our recommended digital marketing curriculum. They come with a digital marketing certification, inbound marketing certification, and b-to-b marketing foundations certification, and set you up for tremendous marketing success! So take a moment to explore these b-to-b courses and see what they can do for you!

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