New and Updated SiriusPathways™ Available in 2016! December 28 2015

Need to upskill your b-to-b marketing team for the new year? On-boarding new staff in 2016? Maybe you need to retain, engage, enable, or motivate your people to get a jumpstart on the new year. Well, you're in luck! SiriusDecisions Learning will have new high impact e-learning courses available for your b-to-b education needs in 2016.

On January 4, 2016, we will launch two new SiriusPathways™: Content Strategy and Account-Based Marketing. 

Our highly anticipated Content Strategy Pathway will help your team organize your content plan in a way that aligns with buyer needs and personas, and help you execute a measurable, effective content plan that is scalable and sustainable. 

The Account-Based Marketing Pathway is a brand new SiriusPathway version of our previous e-learning course on the topic. This Pathway will teach your team to deliver campaigns that support the buyer's journey and sales needs, while also helping them to execute campaigns using a logical, comprehensive framework for message and plan development.

In addition to these two new Pathways, we'll be launching updated courseware for Pipeline Acceleration, Marketing Automation, and Lead Nurturing. What's new in these Pathways?


Pipeline Acceleration

  • Updated supplemental resources
  • Enhanced "Apply It" activities that will enable organizations to pinpoint the best offers and deployment options for marketing and sales to consider
  • Templates to help guide an opportunity on a positive trajectory and reignite those that have stalled
  • Tactics to identify deals that are in the final stages of buying and how to present an offer to accelerate them
  • Guides to help assess your pipeline acceleration initiatives, focusing measurement efforts on utilization, response and results

Marketing Automation

  • Updated e-learning videos with a more robust, user-friendly design
  • Updated supplemental content and "Apply It" activities
  • Content on three key competencies: preparing for marketing automation, evaluating marketing automation providers and determining how to unlock your organization's marketing automation platform's value
  • Templates and worksheets that will enable your team to identify project teams and tasks, complete RFPs, complete a vendor selection analysis, identify your organization's maturity level and needs - and much more

Lead Nurturing

  • Enhanced content focused on the four main nurture types, the newly developed Nurture Treatment Framework, as well as the appropriate metrics required to track and adjust a nurture over time to drive performance improvements
  • Supplemental research resources
  • Brand new "Apply It" templates and worksheets, including three different worksheets for each nurture type that will help your organization identify relevant offers, map the various types of nurture flows and determine where different roles should be involved throughout the nurture