Close the Gap: Individual Skills Assessments

As a competent b-to-b marketing professional, you know what it takes to meet organizational goals and to succeed in your function. But with change and uncertainty being the norm in the b-to-b marketing environment, are your current skills enough to ensure your success tomorrow and in the future?

To help combat this challenge, we've created a series of comprehensive individual skill assessments, to test the current competency and skills levels, as well as the importance of these skills both individuals and teams. 

Taking our individual skill assessments will ultimately help you:

  • Compare your current competency and skill levels against our recommended best practice levels in all major areas of marketing
  • Analyze any gaps and receive a clear, recommended solutions path forward for improvement

Select a skills assessment from the list below to get started. 

1. Field Marketing 

2. Digital Marketing

3. Product Marketing

4. Product Management

5. Marketing Operations

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