B-to-B Digital Marketing e-Learning Course for Demand Generation Marketers October 02 2015

Why did we make the b-to-b digital marketing e-learning course for demand generation marketers?
With inbound on the continuous rise as the leading source of all b-to-b demand, this puts a huge emphasis on digital marketing to ensure the organization’s Web presence is ready and prepared to engage and convert inbound sourced leads. If that responsibility wasn’t enough, digital marketing is also challenged to keep up with technology trends and adapt to new applications, platforms and tools as they emerge. This is why we’ve created the Digital Marketing Pathway: a roadmap of essential content for creating and maintaining a robust web presence equipped for optimal lead capture and conversion power.
This pathway covers knowledge and skills in the areas of demand waterfall and digital metrics, web content management and goal setting and results measurement that are essential to the success of today’s b-to-b digital marketer. And we are continually adding insights from our research to help shape the competitive digital marketer of tomorrow.