B-to-B Solutions Marketing e-Learning Course for Portfolio Marketers September 30 2015

Why did we make the b-to-b solutions marketing e-learning course for portfolio marketers?

Each market and buyer has its own needs and requirements that cannot always be served by a single product. When a product is packaged with others in the form of an integrated solution, this creates a unique value for buyers in a way that a single product can’t always achieve. The solution marketing function needs to possess a deep understanding of each of the products contained within a solution to build effective positioning and messaging, which is no easy task.

This is why we invite you to immerse yourself in the Solutions Marketing Pathway: a roadmap of essential content for determining the right portfolio of solutions for each target market and buyer. The pathway covers the knowledge and skills needed to understand a buyer’s workflow and critical path, the company portfolio and how it aligns to buyer need and collaborate cross-functionally and other focus areas essential to the success of today’s b-to-b solutions marketing function. And we are continually adding insights from our research to help shape the competitive solutions marketing function of tomorrow.