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Core Skills: Demand Management SiriusPathway®

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Demand management processes are the foundation of a healthy demand creation engine. SiriusDecisions has defined primary areas of focus that support demand management process: waterfall performance management, service-level agreements, lead scoring, prospect qualification. This priority supports a methodical approach for building and operationalizing demand management processes designed to increase marketing's contribution to pipeline and growth. Organizations that are focused on developing measurable, repeatable and scalable demand creation engines can benefit from the guidance and research referenced here.

This is a 100 level SiriusDecisions Learning course. Courses at this level are appropriate for individuals or teams who need to level-set or become acquainted with fundamental definitions and concepts using high-level overviews of key topic areas.

Key Course Objectives

Note: This course includes an optional introduction on the foundations of demand creation (formerly our standalone course known as B-to-B Foundations). The optional introduction helps learners get started with demand programs. If you are not familiar with SiriusDecisions, are new to demand creation or need a refresher on any of the foundational elements of demand creation, we suggest you review this material before you begin the course. It covers: Demand Type, Relative Targeting, The Buyer's Journey and The Demand Waterfall.

Competency 1: Waterfall Mechanics

  • An Introduction to Demand Creation - Demand Management
  • Mapping Competencies - Demand Creation
  • Defining the Demand Unit Waterfall
  • Demand Maps
  • The Stages of the Demand Unit Waterfall
  • Qualifying Demand Units
  • When to Implement the Demand Unit Waterfall

Competency 2: Service-Level Agreements & Lead Qualification

  • Service-Level Agreements for Effective Demand Creation
  • Creating and Enforcing Your Own SLAs
  • Removing Barriers to Effective Implementation of SLAs
  • Make Your Own SLAs
  • The Lead Scoring Framework
  • Lead Nurture Fundamentals