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How-To Videos

Video #1: SD Learning How-To: Accessing Your SiriusDecisions Learning Course
  • This video provides a brief overview of SiriusDecisions Learning and walks through how to access your courses and transfer tokens to other users in your organization.
Video #2: SD Learning How-To: Completing Your SiriusDecisions Learning Course
  • In this tutorial we take a deep dive into a SiriusDecisions Learning course, providing you with the steps needed to achieve certification.
Video #3: SD Learning How-To: Taking the Assessments and Locating Your Certificate
  • In this video, we walk through everything you need to know about the course competency assessments and show how to locate your certificate upon course completion.
Video #4: SD Learning How-To: What is a SiriusDecisions Learning Pathway?
  • In this overview video, we define a SiriusDecisions Learning Pathway and walk through the course catalog - where you can enroll in and demo our courses.