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Core Skills: Demand Delivery SiriusPathway®

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"Digital Transformation,” "Let's go digital,” - these are common phrases b-to-b marketers hear these days. What is really necessary for an organization to be successful in the digital sphere? In this course, we cover just that - the core skills that b-to-b marketers need to for successful demand delivery. 

This is a 100 level SiriusDecisions Learning course. Courses at this level are appropriate for individuals or teams who need to level-set or become acquainted with fundamental definitions and concepts using high-level overviews of key topic areas.

Key Course Objectives

Note: This course includes an optional introduction on the foundations of demand creation (formerly our standalone course known as B-to-B Foundations). The optional introduction helps learners get started with demand programs. If you are not familiar with SiriusDecisions, are new to demand creation or need a refresher on any of the foundational elements of demand creation, we suggest you review this material before you begin the course. It covers: Demand Type, Relative Targeting, The Buyer's Journey and The Demand Waterfall.

Competency 1: An Introduction to Demand Delivery

  • Getting Started with Demand Delivery
  • The Demand Delivery Mechanism Management Model

Competency 2: Marketing Mix and Plannning

  • Digital Transformation
  • Building the Digital Organizaiton
  • Digital Skills Assessment
  • The Digital Type Model
  • The Buying Journey
  • Creating Journey Maps to Enable Buying Decisions
  • Journey Alignment
  • Digital Capabilities

Competency 3: Delivery - Digital and Not

  • Using the Web Conversion Optimization (WCO) Framework
  • A Structured Approach to Web Site Redesign
  • Web Conversion Optimization Tool
  • Event Strategy
  • Event Management Framework
  • Event Types Reference Guide
  • Event Roles and Responsibilities Matrix

Competency 4: Data Privacy

  • The Data Privacy Compliance Model
  • The Data Management Framework
  • Where Data Matters: Six Critical Activities