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Sales Knowledge Transfer SiriusPathway®

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SiriusDecisions empowers portfolio marketers to rethink their relationship with sales and deliver enablement programs that allow reps to spend less time on non-selling activities and more time driving revenue. Our proprietary Buyer-Centric Sales Presentation Framework gives b-to-b organizations the right components and knowledge to close deals 40 percent faster and shorten sales cycles by up to three months.

A Sales Personas-Based Approach to Sales Knowledge Transfer

Explore the SiriusDecisions Sales Knowledge Transfer Framework and describe how it provides portfolio marketers with a consistent approach to enabling sales with knowledge components
Identify the types of information needed to build sales personas that support the development of more effective enablement content


Knowledge and Planning

Describe the five knowledge components included in sales knowledge transfer programs
Provide guidelines and templates for creating best-in-class sales enablement plans


Programs and Adoption

Apply the SiriusDecisions Messaging Nautilus to develop sales content that resonates with seller audiences
Introduce the SiriusDecisions Buyer-Centric Sales Presentation Framework, which outlines the essential components of sales presentations that effectively address buyers’ concerns
Discover the three phases of the SiriusDecisions Sales Adoption Model, a continuous approach to driving sales awareness and mindshare for a new product or solution, and discuss best practices within each phase


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