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Lead Nurturing SiriusPathway


Learn the basics of lead nurture, including its definition and four key pillars, and gain an understanding of the lead nurture specialist role.

Why SiriusDecisions Learning?

Our courses are the only research-informed training offerings made by b-to-b marketing experts for b-to-b marketing professionals, built on years of industry research, case studies and state-of-the-art design specific to how adults learn best. They are self-paced, interactive and tightly organized into short modules that fit into busy work and travel schedules. Mastery of each module’s content is validated by a final assessment required for certification at an industry-standard level of proficiency.

What This Course Provides

  • An overview of the core concepts of lead nurturing
  • An introduction to the four-component lead nurturing model
  • A deeper understanding of the SiriusDecisions Nurture Treatment Framework, which enables the creation of adaptive nurtures
  • A framework for driving performance improvements using the appropriate nurture metrics

Course Content

Competency 1: Defining Lead Types

  • Module 1.1: Pre-MQL Nurture
  • Module 1.2: Active Recycled Nurture
  • Module 1.3: Passive Recycled Nurture
  • Module 1.4: Reconstituted Nurture

Competency 2: The Nurture Treatment Framework

  • Module 2.1: The Nurture Treatment Framework
  • Module 2.2: Focusing on Nurture Channels
  • Module 2.3: Building Your Nurture Treatment Plan

Competency 3: Lead Nurture Metrics

  • Module 3.1: Lead Nurture Metrics: A Foundation
  • Module 3.2: Lead Nurture Metrics: Additional Considerations

See It, Read It, Apply It

Learners gain and retain knowledge best through a variety of delivery methods. That’s why each SiriusDecisions Learning course delivers content in multiple formats – through reading, video and application activities – to ensure all learners’ preferred learning styles are accommodated. Learn more.


Price: $1,100
Duration: 6 to 8 hours

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