A Closer Look at Our Product Management SiriusPathways™


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SiriusDecisions has long had a robust training curriculum for b-to-b marketers across all aspects of marketing: product and solution marketing, demand creation, inbound marketing, pipeline acceleration and lead nurturing, digital marketing, campaign planning, as well as marketing operations topics like data management and marketing measurement. However, we know that establishing consistent practices and upskilling is a big priority for product management leaders as well. That is why we've created the Product Management SiriusPathway™ and the Pricing & Packaging SiriusPathway™.

The SiriusDecisions Learning approach to training and learning is unique and designed to address three major product management training challenges:

  • More teams are distributed, so it's not always possible (or cost effective) to get everyone together in person. The Product Management SiriusPathways™ are self-paced and can be completed entirely online. Learning is presented through a series of videos and reinforced with written materials.
  • Product management issues take time to fix, so a day or two in a classroom can’t build world-class product managers. Once enrolled in one of the Product Management SiriusPathways™, students have ongoing access to the course for one full year. This allows learners to revisit content at any time throughout the year to review concepts and polish their skills. Since product management is a dynamic, expanding field, students receive monthly communication from SiriusDecisions Learning with access to the latest research, concepts and webinar invitations.
  • Product management training doesn’t “stick” unless it can be applied to real-world problems. Sharing best practices and recommendations with product managers is interesting, but it is well documented that most people only retain a small percentage of what they learn in training. However, when people can apply training as they go to problems they are facing in their job, they are much more likely to not just learn the material better and more quickly, but they also benefit by being able to directly apply it to current priorities in their job. Our Product Management SiriusPathways™ contain tools and templates for learners to practice application as they go through the training. These practice applications are in-depth, hands-on activities that will help product managers perform better in their roles.

The Product Management SiriusPathways™ can be used with an individual product manager or a whole team, though it is most beneficial when paired with our Product Management Research and Advisory service. This allows product management leaders to engage and benefit from guidance that can help their team as a whole improve their innovation execution, and also take one more item off a to-do list by giving their product managers the training so desperately need.

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