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Content Strategy SiriusPathway®

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In this SiriusPathway®, we walk you through each of the eight blades of the Content Strategy Turbine, as well as methodology for building a best-in-class, audience-centric content strategy.

This is a 100 level SiriusDecisions Learning course. Courses at this level are appropriate for individuals or teams that need to level-set or become acquainted with fundamental definitions and concepts using high-level overviews of key topic areas.

Key Course Objectives:

Insights, Requirements & Objective-Setting

  • Discover the stage at which key attributes of the target audience are uncovered or accessed as a foundation for the content strategy
  • Discover the stage at which the audience's decisionmaking process or journey is defined and documented as the key structure for the strategy
  • Identify key experiences and interactions that the audience prefers in the interaction mapping stage of the content strategy
  • Describe the audience's knowledge requirements at each phase in the decisionmaking process

Planning & Execution

  • Demonstrate how to set objectives for each stage of the content at the strategic and tactical levels
  • Identify the internal and external sources of content raw materials
  • Choose the primary and derivative asset formats used to package the content based on interaction requirements and audience preferences
  • Analyze the delivery mechanisms and activation channels in the final stage of content planning