Solution Marketing SiriusPathway®

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In this SiriusPathway®, we focus on three key competencies of solution marketing: How to plan strategically for launch; how to accurately craft your messaging; and how to enhance alignment through launch and sales support.

This is a 100 level SiriusDecisions Learning course. Courses at this level are appropriate for individuals or teams that need to level-set or become acquainted with fundamental definitions and concepts using high-level overviews of key topic areas.

Key Course Objectives:

Understanding the Role of Solution Marketing

  • Explore the solutions model, the value of solutions and common barriers to actualizing solutions
  • Distinguish between solution and industry marketing activities

Planning Strategically for Launch

  • Explore the three phases of the SiriusDecisions Product Marketing and Management Model, which allows solution marketers to see their roles and responsibilities as well as the hand off and coordination points between teams
  • Use the SiriusDecisions Solutions Model to create a common language around the four most common states of a b-to-b offering
  • Discover how to identify buyer personas at the most granular level
  • Investigate your buyer personas to create a robust and accurate profile
  • Explore eight activities of the SiriusDecisions Messaging Nautilus to create messaging that connects with buyer and customer audiences

Enhancing Alignment through Launch and Sales Support

  • Identify a template and guidelines that you can use to develop solution handbooks for your teams
  • Explore how to align sales enablement efforts across sales and marketing functions, using the stages of the buyer's journey
  • Examine several launch planning best practices and a framework for a strategic, audience-based launch plan and dashboard