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Digital Strategy & Planning SiriusPathway


Create and maintain a robust web presence equipped for optimal lead capture and conversion power.

Why SiriusDecisions Learning?

Our courses are the only research-informed training offerings made by b-to-b marketing experts for b-to-b marketing professionals, built on years of industry research, case studies and state-of-the-art design specific to how adults learn best. They are self-paced, interactive and tightly organized into short modules that fit into busy work and travel schedules. Mastery of each module’s content is validated by a final assessment required for certification at an industry-standard level of proficiency.

What This Course Provides

  • A roadmap for digital transformation based on your unique business models, offerings and customers
  • A deeper understanding of the digital and human touchpoints of the buyer’s journey and customer lifecycle
  • Insights on your organization’s digital type and what that means for your web content
  • An introduction to content translation and localization approaches

Course Content

Competency 1: Marketing Mix and Planning

  • Module 1.1: Introducing the Drivers of Digital Transformation
  • Module 1.2: Digital Type
  • Module 1.3: Journey Mapping
  • Module 1.4: Putting the Framework into Action – Digital Capabilities

Competency 2: Digital Type Deep Dives

  • Module 2.1: Digital Support Deep Dive
  • Module 2.2: Digital First Deep Dive
  • Module 2.3: Digital Hybrid Deep Dive

Competency 3: Localization

  • Module 3.1: Localization – A Strategy for B-to-B Marketers
  • Module 3.2: Successful Localization

See It, Read It, Apply It

Learners gain and retain knowledge best through a variety of delivery methods. That’s why each SiriusDecisions Learning course delivers content in multiple formats – through reading, video and application activities – to ensure all learners’ preferred learning styles are accommodated. Learn more.


Price: $1,100
Duration: 6 to 8 hours

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