Digital Strategy & Planning SiriusPathway®

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In this SiriusPathway®, you will obtain the skills and knowledge necessary for creating and maintaining a robust web presence equipped for optimal lead capture and conversion power.

This is a 200 level SiriusDecisions Learning course. Courses at this level are appropriate for individuals or teams that need to operationalize concepts or frameworks, defining variables into measurable factors. Course content at this level is more focused and specific to key topic areas.

Key Course Objectives:

Creating an Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Understand how to make the change to digital by taking a closer look at how your organization can get started with or enhance your digital transformation
  • Use the SiriusDecisions Digital Transformation Framework to enable your company to develop a digital roadmap to suit your specific business model, offerings and customers
  • Find your approach to digital by examining the marketing models; take a closer look at the differences between sales-led and self-guided models, as well as their marketing and planning execution implications
  • Complete a digital self-assessment to determine the current state of your organization

Implementing an Integrated Digital Marketing Plan

  • Examine the factors that should be considered when designing your digital organization
  • Use our organizational mapping tools to comprehensively define the digital roles and responsibilities of your departments and teams
  • Understand the tactic mix to operationalize your personas, develop an effective marketing mix, including the selection of content, vehicle and location
  • Complete the marketing mix and tactic planning exercise to map your tactics as reputation, demand creation, sales enablement or marketing intelligence and create a timeline for those tactics
  • Map your personas to the buying cycle and use the content tactic mapping tool
  • Learn to define a strategy, create a plan and manage e-commerce using a three-step process that includes defining the ideal site model and driving demand