Demand Delivery Mechanisms SiriusPathway®

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Digital transformation is a popular term used to describe a complex process. What does it mean to really transform your digital practices? In this course, we help you chip away at that process with best-in-class digital tactics.

This is a 200 level SiriusDecisions Learning course. Courses at this level are appropriate for individuals or teams that need to operationalize concepts or frameworks, defining variables into measurable factors. Course content at this level is more focused and specific to key topic areas.

Key Course Objectives

Note: This course includes an optional introduction on the foundations of demand creation (formerly our standalone course known as B-to-B Foundations). The optional introduction helps learners get started with demand programs. If you are not familiar with SiriusDecisions, are new to demand creation or need a refresher on any of the foundational elements of demand creation, we suggest you review this material before you begin the course. It covers: Demand Type, Relative Targeting, The Buyer's Journey and The Demand Waterfall.

Competency 1: Web Site and SEO

  • Web Conversion Optimization (WCO) Framework Deep Dives: Attract, Engage, Qualify Phases
  • Web Content Access: Removing the Guesswork
  • WCO Tool
  • Email Marketing Best Practices
  • Workshop Your Emails
  • Navigating the B-to-B Ad Tech Landscape
  • Digital Advertising Diagnostic Map
  • Integrating Social for Demand Creation
  • The State of B-to-B Social Media
  • Social Media Readiness Exercise

Competency 2: Creating Digital Content

  • The Importance of Web Content
  • The SiriusDecisions Content Model
  • Strategic Elements of Effective Digital Content
  • The SiriusDecisions Buyer Audience Framework
  • Search: Optimize for Your Buyer, Not the Engine
  • Creating Content for Web Consumption and Web Content Management and Metrics
  • Gating Web Content

Competency 3: Digital Type Model

  • Digital Type Model Overview
  • Content Considerations by Digital Type
  • Digital Type Alignment Worksheets