Data Privacy SiriusPathway® - Prepare for the GDPR!

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Data privacy is a term marketers are hearing more and more due to new worldwide regulations. But data privacy isn't just a regulation or a set of requirements your organization needs to adhere to, and it certainly is not something that only marketers need to worry about. It's a set of standards that, if embraced and prepared for properly, can actually bring your organization better functional alignment between product, marketing, sales, operations and IT. Moreover, it helps you set standards for your client's privacy that are just good business, resulting in more engaged prospects that will improve the buyer's journey. 

In this SiriusPathway®, we explain the main tenets of the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) that organizations must be in compliance with by May 25, 2018; we illuminate the SiriusDecisions Data Privacy Compliance Model to help your organization develop a clear, actionable strategy for data compliance; we show the foundational elements of data management to ensure that marketing teams understand how data is being brought into, stored and used in marketing systems; and we advise your organization on best practices for building a preference management strategy that will enable you to stay ahead of any current and future data privacy regulations.

This is a 100 level SiriusDecisions Learning course. Courses at this level are appropriate for individuals or teams who need to level-set or become acquainted with fundamental definitions and concepts using high-level overviews of key topic areas.

Key Course Objectives


  • Understand the GDPR which all companies doing business in the European Union (EU) are required to comply with by May 2018
  • Learn why it's important, what it's requirements are and what the penalties for non-compliance are

Data Privacy Best Practices

  • Develop a process for defining, designing and implementing a global data privacy strategy with the Data Privacy Compliance Model
  • Discover the building blocks you need to put in place in order to establish a comprehensive data privacy program
  • Identify what pieces of data in your systems are defined as personal data under the GDPR
  • Learn where data matters the most, how to manage it and audit it
  • Prepare for data privacy compliance implementation with objectives, participants, inputs, tasks and deliverable in each phase of the Data Privacy Compliance Model
  • Justify the investment in data privacy compliance with work packages, compliance project plans and a compliance reference map

Preference Management

  • Proactively prepare for the future with a comprehensive preference management strategy, a critical step for companies operating in multiple geographies
  • Understand the investment required in preference management and the core components of a best-in-class strategy
  • Refine your strategy to enable its evolution as regulations change globally
  • Perform a technology gap analysis to justify the investment in supporting technology for your preference management strategy