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About SiriusPathways®

SiriusPathways® start with expert content from SiriusDecisions best-in-class research. We then organize that content into competencies that cover the key things that someone in a job role or functional job area needs to know in order to succeed. That means that your success is measured by a mastery of a set of skills rather than how long it takes you to watch a video, or how well you do on a vocabulary test. It also means the content is brain-adaptive and flexible which ensures that it will stick with our learners. 

SiriusPathways® recognize that learners come with varied backgrounds, skill levels, and learning styles. Someone with several years of experience in Marketing might want to skip the first competency and move immediately to its assessment, whereas someone new to Marketing might want to complete each activity in each module of the first competency before attempting the assessment. Various learning styles are respected by our See It, Read It, Apply It model. You can see examples of this model in this preview.

Each competency ends with an assessment that uses business case scenarios to apply the concepts in that competency. Learners must receive a cumulative score of 90 or greater on a SiriusPathway® to become SiriusDecisions certified.


Pathway Introduction

See It: An Introduction to Lead Scoring
Some prospects come from large enterprises and others from small companies. Some download white papers and attend online events while others prefer to attend trade shows and visit landing pages. Some are in education mode while others are in active buying cycles. No two are alike. Over the last several years, b-to-b organizations have developed various methods to get a feel for the relative quality of one prospect versus another. We call this process lead scoring. In these videos, we discuss the foundations of lead scoring and the steps necessary to generate a model that accurately prioritize leads.


Pathway Competency 1: Lead Scoring Preparation

Module 1.3: The SiriusDecisions Lead Spectrum

See It: The SiriusDecisions Lead Spectrum
For effective and efficient demand creation, sales and marketing must agree on what constitutes a "quality" lead. Using technology, marketers can now pre-qualify and prioritize leads before they are contacted by a teleprospecter or field/channel representative. Our expanded lead spectrum now includes seven levels, providing sales and marketing more granularity in their discussions.
Read It: A Marketer's Guide to Defining Lead Quality with Sales
In this brief, we examine the factors that must be considered in order for sales and marketing to agree on a proper definition of lead quality.
Apply It: Lead Scoring Template
This template is for use throughout the rest of the Pathway. We'll provide examples you can use as a guide to help identify questions, gaps or recommendations for your company's model. This will be a challenging process. Be sure to reach the instructions on each tab.