Channel Partner Enablement Training Series (CPETS) Demo

Business demands and expectations for channel partners keep growing and changing, and the customer lifecycle has become more and more digital. This is why SiriusDecisions has created the Channel Partner Enablement Training Series (CPETS). This innovative and flexible training series will upskill channel partners to meet the challenges of an ever-changing marketing landscape.

Here’s how it works: The training series is made up of 10 modules that cover the topics channel partners need to succeed in b-to-b marketing. These modules are based on best-in-class SiriusDecisions research and best practices. They are also designed in our brain-adaptive See It, Read It, Apply It layout.

Each course module begins with an introduction from Maria Chien, SiriusDecisions Channel Marketing Strategies Service Director and ends with a wrap-up from her. Check out the demo below to get a feel for the course layout. To view a full catalog of what's in the CPETS course, click here.



CPETS: Integrated Campaigns

Campaign basics and taxonomy are covered in our Integrated Campaigns module. Channel partners will learn to create a campaign hierarchy that unites a high-level, messaging-oriented campaign with focused needs-based campaigns targeted at defined buyer personas.


See It: Campaign Basics

In this activity, we'll review how SiriusDecisions defines a campaign (including key terminology).



Read It: The Anatomy of a B-to-B Campaign

In this asset, we describe the components of a b-to-b marketing campaign and offer design considerations that incorporate fundamental and advanced marketing planning concepts.

Apply It: Campaign Framework Audit Tool

Use this slide as an audit tool to examine current marketing activities within your company by answering five key questions.