New SiriusPathway® Courses Launching End of October 2017 September 05 2017

Have you heard? SiriusDecisions Learning is launching five new SiriusPathways® at the end of October 2017. The five new courses are focused on demand creation. We're also offering a completely updated version of our Digital Strategy & Planning SiriusPathway®. Here's a sneak peek at what's inside each of the new courses.

In each course, learners will:

 Data Privacy SiriusPathway®

  • Review new worldwide regulations on data privacy
  • Discover how to ensure proper data practices using a data privacy compliance strategy and process
  • Understand and begin to create good preference management for your organization

Demand Delivery Mechanisms SiriusPathway®

  • Carry good digital strategy and digital type through to proper digital execution
  • Master best practices in website and search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Organize a consistent, client-friendly approach to email
  • Understand the world of digital advertising and paid search and allocate resources effectively

Core Skills: Demand Management SiriusPathway®

  • Understand the key concepts and application of the demand waterfall, service-level agreements, lead scoring and prospect qualification
  • Develop a methodical approach for building, operationalizing and optimizing demand management processes designed to increase marketing's contribute to pipeline and growth
  • Learn the best practices for developing a measurable, repeatable and scalable demand creation engine

Core Skills: Demand Programs SiriusPathway®

  • Master the basics of good demand creation marketing
  • Organize a demand program using our flexible program framework
  • Establish the fundamentals of proper program treatment
  • Design smart program planning, execution, offer development and program metrics

Core Skills: Demand Delivery SiriusPathway®

  • Master the basics of good demand creation marketing
  • Structure effective demand delivery efforts, organizing and optimizing your work
  • Under the key concepts of designing a smart marketing mix and carrying that through with digital type analysis
  • Review best practices in demand execution and in data privacy


The courses are scheduled to launch on October 30, 2017. Check out our course catalog for more details, including demos, as the launch date approaches.