B-to-B Lead Nurturing e-Learning Course for Demand Generation Marketers September 28 2015

Why did we make the B-to-B Lead Nurturing e-Learning Course for Demand Generation marketers?

Well, have you ever received an email or a mailing from a company with information about the services they offer after you’ve already made a decision? This likely made you frustrated, as you already had all of the information you needed to make your decision. This demonstrates the need for effective lead nurturing. It is essential for companies to understand where in the buying process their prospects are in order to engage with them using appropriate, tailored content and interactions.
Effective lead nurturing requires in-depth buyer insight and knowledge of their buying process, which is not always easy to determine. That’s why we’ve created the Lead Nurturing Pathway: a roadmap of vital content for understanding how and where to engage with prospects to increase your conversion rates and ultimately the number of closed/won deals. The pathway covers the three types of lead nurturing, the mix of tactics and strategies for each and other focus areas essential to the success of today’s b-to-b demand marketing function. And we are continually adding insights from our research to help shape the competitive demand marketing function of tomorrow.