B-to-B Marketing Automation e-Learning Course for Demand Generation Marketers September 26 2015

Why did we make the B-to-B Marketing Automation e-Learning Course?

As you know, marketing automation platforms provide a myriad of benefits aside from the obvious automation of repetitive marketing tasks including improved data quality, integration and analytics as well as enhanced lead management features. However, to ensure your company gets the most out of the marketing automation platform, a robust team of specialists needs to be formed to manage platform programs and related tactics, strategies, and processes.
This is why we’ve created the Marketing Automation Pathway: a roadmap of essential content for the effective organized management and utilization of a marketing automation platform. This pathway covers the roles and responsibilities needed to effectively manage a Marketing Automation Platform, the MAP program development process, MAP playbook creation, and other focus areas that are essential to the success of today’s b-to-b marketing automation professional. And we are continually adding insights from our research to help shape the competitive marketing automation professional of tomorrow.