B-to-B Foundations of Demand Creation e-Learning Course for Demand Generation Marketers September 25 2015

Why did we make the B-to-B Foundations of Demand Creation e-Learning Course for Demand Generation Marketers?

Well, for any function or job role, there is a set of foundational concepts and skills that an individual needs to master in order to grow and progress. Doctors need to understand the human body and the warning signs for diseases to make diagnoses. Carpenters need to understand which types of wood are best for a specific project and how to utilize tools like band saws and jigsaws in order to produce the final product. B-to-b marketers are no different. They need to master six foundational concepts to understand how to create campaigns and messaging to resonate with the target market.

Because these elements are so critical to the success of your current and future marketing efforts, this is why we’ve created the B-to-B Foundations Pathway: a guide to jumpstart your marketing efforts and give you the knowledge and skills you need to succeed. This pathway covers the six foundational concepts of b-to-b marketing including demand type, relative targeting, lead taxonomy, buying cycle, portfolio marketing, and the demand waterfall that are essential to the success of today’s b-to-b marketer, and we are continually adding insights from our research to help shape the competitive b-to-b marketer of tomorrow.