B-to-B Marketing Measurement e-Learning Course for Demand Generation Marketers September 24 2015

Why did we make a B-to-B Marketing Measurement e-Learning Course?

Well, good marketing measurement is critical, especially in today’s digital environment. Not only do you need to measure tactics and campaigns, you have to measure the impact of marketing itself - it’s return on investment, and positive contribution to the business. Keeping track of all of this data, and using it effectively, is an enormous challenge. That’s why we created the Marketing Measurement Pathway: a roadmap of vital content for proving that the business can rely on a defined contribution that is both predictable and repeatable from marketing.
The pathway covers knowledge and skills needed to deliver good measurement, KPIs and metrics, how to define what should be measured, and many other tactics essential to the success of today’s marketing measurement function. It is a vital source of learning for demand generation marketers looking to upskill and excel.